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May 21, 2022

I’m on a quest to live my best life. Find out who I am and be her. To live each day as if it were a bucket list, to the point where, in the end, I won’t even need one.

When we left Florida, I determined to ferret out why I was so happy there and duplicate it here.

This requires a good amount of time in self-reflection. Fortunately, my backyard in the Spring and Summer is a perfect place for that, and I’ve been setting up camp.

My favorite place to contemplate.

Turns out, the thrice-a-week yoga on the pool deck in the morning Florida sunshine, daily walks, riding bicycles on the Legacy Trail, pickleball, afternoons at the pool, new friends, dining in new restaurants, and visits from our kids/grandkids made me happy.


Glad to report, I’ve found a yoga home, a studio just around the corner and down the street. I get a quick walk and some sunshine (when it’s actually shining), and land in this beautiful space with this beautiful human who is my teacher. 

Rachel Higareda, One Self Yoga

By the way, I took this picture at the end of a recent class! There was a day when I would have deeply desired to be the subject of this photo. Maybe even jealous not to be. Not anymore. I’m jazzed to be the photographer and excited to be learning editing tools.

New Friends

A friend reached out to me a few weeks ago and invited me to a luncheon where I met new people I liked, potential friends. And we’re all going together to a bigger luncheon this week, a women’s club of sorts. I don’t think of myself as a club joiner, but I’m giving it a try. Florida taught me how fun it is to try new things and meet new friends. 

New Restaurants

While we were gone, a new restaurant, Our Table, opened nearby. It’s fresh and hip and comfortable and a dream come true for young entrepreneurs who seem appreciative of their diners. The kind of people you just want to see succeed. And the food is top notch. 

Kid Visits

Always working on it. Planning for it. Inviting. Looks like we’re having the first crew arrive soon and more to come as summer rolls out. 

Something New

We’ve found a personal trainer, Chris at 148 Wellness. He was nice to us for two weeks and then he started making us work hard and asked if we wanted to step onto this gadget that evaluated our body fitness. The problem is, when I received the results via email, it seems that this evaluator somehow switched my results with someone who must be older and hasn’t lifted weights or done significant cardio in three years. Someone who has a higher BMI and weighs more than me. I’m checking into this.  

The thing is, Indiana can’t be Florida, and living in a home for which I’m partly responsible can’t equal renting a condo for a few months. I have only been on my bike seat once since we returned to Indiana, and I don’t even know where my pickleball racquet is. But my best life can come with me wherever I happen to be. It’s mobile. And apparently, it’s up to me to create it. To grab the sunshine when it’s available.

Most days, I do pretty well and the others . . . they serve as contrast. 

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  1. Love! I am grateful to know you, always grateful to share space with you, and am thankful to have you as one of my teachers.

    • Thank you, Rachel. Grateful we can learn from each other.

  2. I so enjoy your blogs! There is nothing compared to vacationing in Florida at the condo you rented. It sounds like paradise! We haven’t been there for many years. I told my husband that we must plan at least a 2 week vacation somewhere next winter. It just relieves the blues at that time of year and I like snow! ??‍♀️Good for you to keep up the activities! ??

    • Thank you, Joni! Do you think two weeks will be long enough?

  3. I needed this reminder today!

    • We all need reminders!


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