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Dinner as an Event
June 6, 2011
I missed writing on Saturday as I had no internet service. I’m beginning to believe the provider here must be named “Intermittant.” I understand all of Athens had sketchy service this weekend and we’re beginning to wonder if it’s not related to all of the protests. May just be super old buildings mixed with new technology. Last night at 10:30 when I was preparing for bed, a small parade of people marched down the street playing a repeating rythym on drums. They chanted over and over a phrase that I think means “give us back our money!” Periodically, a group gathers on a street in front of a government building to waive flags and call out this same chant. The police are everywhere, but I’ve seen nothing but passionate, peaceful protests.

Saturday, we ran a few errands, then I did some homework. Later in the afternoon, I said to Mary, “Let’s make dinner an event!” She was up for the challenge. She knows her way around here well, as this is her 4th stint in Athens and knew just the place to go. We gussied up and headed to a quaint restaurant in the nicer section of the Plaka and sat down to a dining experince at Daphne’s. We were seated in a courtyard patio flush with beautiful flowers, white linen-coverd tables and tuxedoed waiters stationed about.

The first tray offered two, warm, white wash cloths with which to clean our hands. The menu was impressive. Mary chose the seafood platter and I opted for a pork/eggplant dish with carrots in a thick tomato sauce. We split a lovely green salad and bottle of the house red which was served with warm rolls and a Kalamata olive paste that was to die for. Did they bring us a bread basket? No! The waiter came round and used silver tongs to gently place TWO steaming, little rolls on our bread plates. Mary enjoys dining out like I do, and we ate and laughed and shared bites and made lots of mmmmmmmm sounds.

We shared a dessert, two kinds of rice pudding–one rather traditional and one sort of mix between rice pudding and creme brulee’. More mmmmm’s and then they brought us tiny cordial glass filled with a clear viscous liquid that proved to be the best after-dinner drink I’ve ever tasted. The waiter explained that it is made from the sap of a tree and helps digestion. It was warm and relaxing. The name starts with an “M,” but I can’t remember it and Google can’t figure it out. It worked anyway–no indigestion! I bought a cute little bottle of it, but I’m sure it will never taste as good again.
After dinner, we walked through the shopping area of the Plaka: narrow, crowded, brick-lined streets lined with souvenir shops. Shops offer fur coats, tailer-made clothing, art, jewelry, linens, and then there are the shops selling T-shirts, beachwear, or even a bottle opener fashioned into the shape of a penis. Something for everyone, I guess.
The adventure continues.

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Debi Dixon

Debi Dixon

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When I quit teaching in 2014, I could never have imagined the growth I would experience through travel, writing, reading, therapy, and introspection.

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