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Freedom Express
August 29, 2020

Recently, I wrote about my idea of buying a camper as the solution to my most pressing issue: traveling to see two of our kids and one of our granddaughters, who I haven’t seen since February, in a fashion that meets my comfort of safety during the Coronavirus. (

This an update to that story.

Two weeks ago, we drove to southern Indiana to look at a 24′ Coachmen travel trailer. Maybe it was the subtitle, “Freedom Express” emblazoned on the front and side of coach or the extra space inside (that I originally thought I didn’t want) that appealed. Maybe it was the spirit of the farmer and his wife who were selling the trailer, and their stories of camping with grandkids. Maybe it was the fact that it met BF’s criteria of having been stored inside, had dual axles, was towable with his current truck, and had been well maintained. But for whatever reason, we both had a Goldilocks-just-right feeling about this camper and brought the guy home.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love and one of my sheros, posted on Instagram this week that one of her favorite things is being wrong, which caught my attention. Who likes to be wrong? But if I understand her correctly, she was looking at the discovery of being wrong as a learning. Expansion of ideas. I’m totally applying this concept to our new camper and the adventure it affords. I was wrong in my thinking about RV-ing and road tripping and camping. Being cooped up in a vehicle for days on end can actually equal freedom and provide endless opportunities for audio books and podcasts and talking BF’s ear off. And as a bonus, road tripping while pulling one’s own bathroom and kitchen, alleviates many of the fears I have about travel these days.

Currently, we are in one of my favorite stages of a trip: researching, mapping, collecting essentials, and visualizing. Little did I know the plethora of YouTube channels, blogs, podcasts, and Amazon pages dedicated to RV-ing. I love research, and making lists on yellow legal pads with my favorite purple pen is just, plain fun for me. Not to mention that I will see Jessica and meet her new friend who is a boy (not sure if I’m allowed to mention the word boyfriend) in 41 days and will see Adi and her parents in 12 days after that. Distraction to the happiest degree! We’ve joined and overnights at wineries are on our itinerary as we travel west. Um, why didn’t someone tell me about this before? Perhaps our best piece of advice came from BF’s brother, a veteran Motor Home-er, who suggested we not buy too much stuff until we get out there and see what other people have and how they are using it. I liked his image of how nice people are and their willingness to share ideas. That said, I was super excited about the set of nesting, plastic mixing bowls that arrived from Target today.

Please do not worry that I may have too rosy of an RV-ing picture. We’ve watched many a YouTube video that have a substantial portion dedicated to the inevitable problems along the way. It always starts with, “It’s not a matter of if you will need this tool or that gadget, it’s a matter of when.” We’re learning, packing the tools, hiring angels, and praying for safety. I’m honing my best go-with-the-flow attitude.

I love the quotation, “It’s about the journey, not the destination,” and while adhering the notion is always a bit of a challenge for me, I know this trip it will be a super challenge. The destination, and the people who live in those destinations, are the central focus of the trip, but I am determined to enjoy the journey. Really. For real. I promise.

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  1. Debi, I’m so excited for you!! I love our home on wheels! Enjoy and embrace all your travel experiences. Hugs!! Shelly?


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Debi Dixon

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