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Getting Settled
May 31, 2011

I tucked my PJ’s under my pillow this morning and it made me smile. My suitcase arrived and my nest is made. I walked early and found the grocery store without getting lost. I bought a coffee and the shop keeper remembered me from yesterday and knew what I wanted. I can now effortlessly let myself in and out of my apartment. Hey, it’s a victory–it takes two keys one goes left and the other right. My laptop still won’t connect to the internet so I have to use the computer lab and I showed up for an 11:00 meeting this morning that is actually on Thursday, but other than that, I’m feeling more settled.

I’m surprised how many people in Athens don’t speak English. I expect that in the country, but not in the city. The Greek people are beautiful, polite, and well dressed. Only tourists wear jeans. I’m reading a book that tells how passionate the Greeks are. So true. If I had not had the opportunity to observe Italians a few summers ago, I would have thought the two women at the table next to me at dinner last night were having an all-out fight. Not so, just expressing themselves.
Greek citizens are staging peaceful protests in Syntagma Square just two blocks from my apartment. They are camping out in the grassy area in front of government buildings and on Sunday night the square was packed with people singing and waiving flags. I did not go down to the square, but I could hear them singing through my open window as I fell asleep. It was touching. Dina, our program director, said this was an historic event. Protesters are pleading with their government to fix the economy. Many shops are closed, graffiti is rampant, and I have seen many people digging through the dumpsters. It’s sad. Economically speaking, it seems as if everyone is hurting.
More later. Life is good. I love being here.

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  1. It is great to be getting my “Daily Dose of Debi” again…I've missed you. I'm sorry that I didn't get to give you a proper farewell. I'll look forward to your “welcome home”!


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