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So Many Islands; So Little Time
June 19, 2011

I can’t believe another Sunday has rolled around and I have enjoyed a delightful weekend visit with Krista, my friend and collegue from CG. She arrived Thursday evening and we dined at the Ant and the Grasshopper, one of my 23 new favorite restaurants. Mary and my new favorite Greek professor and mentor, Dr. M. joined us and the four of us had a grand time, closing the evening and dinner with tiny galsses of Raki, a local favorite.

We departed bright and early Friday morning for a short ferry ride and an overnight stay on Aegina, a new island for me. We accidentally booked a hotel on the back side of the island which resulted in an eventful Taxi ride beachside to opposite beachside, a full 15-minute drive, and landed us on a beautiful, remote beach with charming restaurants, shops, and super sweet, friendly locals. Our hotel was off the beaten path and out of the 40-some rooms, we only saw one other occupant. We had the pool and the breakfast bar to ourselves.

We treated ourselved to a progressive lunch at the darling beach bar/resturants along the pathway, each offering a new “postcard-worthy” view, a snack and a drink, followed by a remote spot for a swim. I feel like I’m living inside the travel channel.

We caught the noon ferry back to Athens where Krista and I hiked uphill in blazing heat to the Acropolis. It was worth the work. I’ve seen the Acropolis daily since I arrived, both by sunlight and by the lights at night, and of course, it’s likeness appears on virtually everything, but actually standing in front of the reality was overwhelming, emotional.

We ended the day, three English teachers, with dinner at The James Joyce Irish Pub.

I am constantly amazed how often just, plain “dumb luck,” assistance from Athena, goddess of wisdom, or whatever, has rendered this a charmed trip. Stuff just works. We were all amazed at our fortune as we checked out of our silent, Aegina hotel while a group of 40+ Greek high school students checked in. We stepped into our taxi, while they hung over the balconies hooping and hollering at friends while one, poor little overwhelmed teacher stood in the courtyard shaking her finger. Boy, did we dodge that bullet–by one night! We happened upon dinner where the precious Greek mama cook came to our table herself to talk to us about what was cooking in the kitchen. Her hubby, who did not speak English, acted as gopher, while she interpreted and gave the orders. She was an amazing cook and personally visited each table to make sure diners were happy. We fell in love with the couple and she fell in love with Mary. It was sweet.

The adventure continues.

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  1. You captured our weekend perfectly … I had a gorgeous, charmed experience in Greece with you and Mary!


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Debi Dixon

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