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A Wedding and a Parade
May 23, 2009

Last evening, BF and I attended the wedding of the son of his long-time friend, Brenda at The Madame Walker Theater. He and his beautiful bride were past track stars at Purdue and I have never seen a more fit, gorgeous wedding party. I admit to major arm envy. I have a thing about females with cut arms; I’m jealous.

More importantly, I observed a group of intelligent, kind, friendly, and successful young adults. To sum up the evening, if you could have been there, you would share in my optimism and promise in regard to our future generations. Additionally, if you’re into that sort of thing, you too would have suffered “arm envy” just looking at those young girls. We totally enjoyed our evening.

This morning we loaded up our bikes with Debbie and Terry C. and headed to their son and daughter-in-law’s (Chris and Beth) house on the near North Side of Indy. We rode our bicycles the few miles from their house to downtown Indy and feasted on omelets at Patachu. Bellies full, we began weaving through the crowd, searching for our bleacher seats for the parade. In all my years as an Indianapolis area resident, I’ve never attended the Indianapolis 500 Parade. It was fun. The weather was perfect and it was amusing.

Knowing few of the drivers, and not caring in the least, I have decided to cheer for Will Power, the driver who seemed the most excited about greeting his fans in this parade, to win this race. He periodically jumped out of his car and high fived fans, stopping at one point to engage in a special encounter with a little old lady who became quite excited. Conversely, most of the drivers, sat perched upon the back side of their snazzy corvette rides, passively waving to the crowd, appearing quite bored with the whole scene. A couple of the drivers actually ignored the crowd, conversing with their riding mates. One driver girlfriend or wife was openly texting while driving by. I consider that rude and was offended.

That aside, I enjoyed the true American spirit displayed in a good old fashioned parade along with a massive opportunity for people watching. The bike ride was great. How often can one enjoy the freedom to ride down the middle of downtown Indianapolis streets on her bicycle. We ducked into The Elbow Room for snacks and a cold drink on the way back to the house.

What could be better than a wedding and a parade to set off a Holiday weekend? I tried to include a few of the many photos that BF took at the parade, but somehow I can’t find them on this stupid butt computer and I managed to delete them from the camera. Crap! He’s gonna be mad. I must never be trusted alone with technology.

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Debi Dixon

Debi Dixon

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