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Hell Week?
August 22, 2009

I could call it Hell Week, but that wouldn’t be 100% accurate. I successfully completed my second week of school, enjoyed a few belly laughs with my peers, and managed a super fun Wednesday Date Night. However . . .

Monday proved to be a true Monday. It drug. I drug. Everyone around me drug. We sort of just made it through.

Tuesday, root canal. Basket case. Real drugs.

Wednesday started off fine enough. I awakened well rested following a post-oral surgery hibernation that lasted 12 hours. It was during my short morning commute to CGHS that I learned a major life lesson: do not ignore the red warning icons on the dashboard of a BMW. If the battery icon lights up, submit the car for repairs immediately. Do not drive it for three more days. If the radio begins “missing out” while driving this car with the red battery icon lit, it is not a faulty radio station transmission. The car will soon die!

If you’ve ever experienced the traffic surrounding a high school housing over 2400 students, you may understand the nightmare of having your car expire in the middle of the road while waiting in that line of traffic. Yup, I was the one responsible for the traffic jam the two miles or so from the bridge on Stones Crossing Road all the way back to State Road 135. My dead little car and I caused half the school to be tardy. I sat in the driver’s seat, head held high, eyes straight forward, waiting on someone to help me figure out what the hell to do while ignoring the glares and stares from the stream of students and parents who inched slowly past me after claiming their opportunity to pass the stalled vehicle.

One of my peers willingly sacrificed her prep period to cover my class while I waited for AAA to tow my car. Bless her. That’s huge. Teachers are good people. So is the CG cop who eventually pushed me off of the road so cars could get by.

Thursday brought a major headache. All I’m willing to say is BF, feeling sorry for me following the federal case I created over my oral surgery and the fiasco of Wednesday morning, treated me to La Trattoria pizza for Wednesday date night. We happened upon friends and had a lovely evening that lasted well past my bedtime, but was chocked full of fun, laughter, excellent food and . . . wine.

We closed yet another chapter in the Raising of Michael book this morning as he left for his first senior year at ISU. I had that mom’s lump in my throat as I stood in the driveway well before daylight, dressed in my robe, waving goodbye as he drove off, determined to be the first kid in line to retrieve his room key. Usually, he makes up some wild tale so they’ll allow him an early move-in. This year, he’s moving in with the masses.

It was a good summer. Man Child squirrelled away enough spending money to last well into 2010, mowed both the house and office lawns, and finally came to an understanding that he functions at a higher level when he sleeps and shuns the Taco Bell/Mountain Dew diet. Amazing!

It’s Saturday morning and I’m blessed with a still, silent house, a great cup of coffee, and the opportunity to write. I’m healthy enough to collect a paycheck (or two) to pay for my car repairs. Work is still a novelty and it’s too early to be facing a bulging “To be Graded” file. BF is still my BF. Hell Week? Not really.

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  1. Just found your blog- it's adorable!! Glad to keep up with you. We've been thinking about you!!

    Leah Taylor Matis


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