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View from balcony at Camelback JW Mariott Resort

Rainy Wednesdays

It was a rainy Wednesday morning in Arizona. I spent the 7:00-8:00 hour hoping it would stop at a...

Loose Ends

Just returned from yoga. Wonderful! It was challenging partly because it's been two weeks since I...

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Shots and Stuff

I included photos of the peonies BF brought home from his office last week to add something bright...

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Mother’s Day

I'm finally getting around to writing about Mother's Day. I bet they thought I forgot. No way!...

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Mrs. B

It is my belief that if we are living the life we're meant to live, caring for ourselves so others...

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Eighty Minutes

Several years ago when I was a young widow searching for answers, trying to make sense out of my...

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Back in action

It's Sunday morning and I'm online for the first time since Thursday. Internet was fixed/not fixed...

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Shit on a Stick

I'm sitting at my kitchen table, computer humming FINALLY. George, the Comcast guy, just left...

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