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On Following Bliss and Four-Year-Old Friends
February 4, 2023

Life continues on the upswing here. Last week I reported on my poor and pitifulness.

Today, I noticed I felt happy. I believe noticing is a superpower, so I stopped to analyze the cause of my joy.

Causes of Joy

Here’s what I came up with. Simple, yet affirming:

  1. The sun is out today in all her glory.
  2. I played pickleball this morning, which was physical exercise and social activity, drenched in sunshine.
  3. After pickleball, I went to lunch with my new friend.

Socialization + Sunshine + Exercise = Joyfulness

Much has been written about the correlation between human connection and happiness. If you have twelve minutes to spare, watch this TED Talk. It’s well worth the time.

I was unusually slow to find friends here. Partly because I was sick, partly because I have my little four-year-old friend to hang with, and partly because that’s just how it worked, I guess. But today, as I sat at a table outside in the sunshine, across from my new friend, telling stories and becoming acquainted, my heart lifted.

Oh, and about that four-year-old friend, I strongly believe everyone should have one. I’d even go so far as to say, if I could give one gift to everyone in the Universe, it would be a four-year-old-friend. But know this, you will never get to be the teacher when you play school. She is likely to scold you when you attach her little brother’s car seat incorrectly, and she will tell on you for drinking wine. And she will absolutely be the most delightful, chatty, creative friend you will ever have. 

Just another day at school.

Here’s to joyful moments, noticing, and following bliss. 

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

Joseph Campbell

Now, if you choose, hop on down to the comments section and share what brings you instant joy. 

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  1. Sunshine, birds singing, and train whistles at night. The last thing on the list isn’t the same type of joy as the first two; it’s more of a joy of the nighttime and life going on beyond daylight. There’s an entire world that keeps going, even if I’m not up and participating. That thought gives me assurance and joy.

  2. I had to look up the difference between joy and happiness, because I felt they were different but was sure how. So here is what I found:
    “Happiness doesn’t bring joy, and joy isn’t the byproduct of happiness. Joy is something grander than happiness. Joy is a fruit of the Spirit, and when we find joy it’s infused with comfort and wrapped in peace.”
    Here are a few of my instant joys: everything about the experience of cooking with my siblings, hearing others laugh, reclining in the sunshine, listening to nature and singing and harmonizing with my sister.
    Thank you for always inspiring me to to be more mindful. Thank you sharing your blogs with your readers so I can propose the same thought provoking question with those I love.

    • Thank you, Libby, for your thoughtful response! Isn’t life fun?

  3. I love this! And I’m so glad that you are feeling better.

    • Thank you, my friend! Hope you and yours are well.

  4. Time with my family and friends❤️ Beautiful sunsets , full moon and the sounds of waves on the beach❤️

    • Ah! So much beauty in your joy! Love it!

  5. Sunshine perks me up pretty quick! And the sound of church bells. (And being with my family, of course!)

    • Ah, It also bring me joy when you’re with your family! And yes, love church bells!

  6. I agree re 4 year olds! They can be brutally honest. ? I was told children are not socially acceptable in places like restaurants until they are 4 years old. (Unless you go to McDonald’s of course). That tidbit of wisdom lowered my expectations while raising our kids. Getting along with our own kids suddenly became balanced!

    • So much to learn with, for, and from our kids, right?

  7. I love connection! A smile, a text, a call, time spent together!

    • Yes! You set such a good example of family bonding! And we’ll be spending time together before we know it!


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Debi Dixon

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