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June 7, 2011

Today we shifted from the historical perspective of the ancient mythology and the Greek gods to the history of musical instruments and a new lecturer, a professor of music and accomplished musician. After a short lecture on the history of string, wind, and percussion musical instruments, we walked to the Cultural Center and Professor Halapsis played a short piece on the violin and viola demonstrating the difference between the two and also played with two types of bows. He also took apart a baby grand piano demonstrating how a piano is both a stringed and percussion instrument. I’ve never seen anyone take a piano apart before and set the entire keyboard and hammer aparatus off to the side. One of the Greek students asked him how much the piano might cost and he said “around 24, ooo euro.”

Tomorrow we visit the museum of musical instruments where we will see the ancient lyre made of a turtle shell, wood frame, and strings. According to Greek Mythology, Hermes, the messenger god, created the lyre, using the guts of a stolen cow for the strings. Of course, when the god from which the cow was stolen (Apollo) found out, Hermes gave him the intrument so not to be punished. Acording to our hand-out, Lyres are associated with Appolo’s virtues of moderation and equilibrium.

Can’t wait for another field trip. I love learning all of this stuff and now I must do my homework which is to research the ancient Greek gods and their connection with musical intruments. Fun homework, huh? Lovin life and the adventure.

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Debi Dixon

Debi Dixon

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