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Whooooo Whooooo Who Knew?
August 16, 2014

A gift card I received led to a self-care extravaganza: cut, color, manicure, and pedicure. An entire afternoon at the spa, or as we used to say, the beauty shop.

I always look forward to time with my hairstylist: a tiny, cute, blonde, capsule of laughter and energy. Pure entertainment. Due to her unusual, ever-so slight-mispronunciation of words, one could be inclined to discount her as “Blonde” which would be a huge mistake. She is quite intelligent and I always learn something from her.

This particular visit, she taught me about –are you ready for this? Mating habits of the owl! And little did I know, how timely this information would be.

Someone in the spa was talking about the scary call of coyotes they had heard on their patio one night. Capsule of Laughter turned to me, as if it was the logical next course of the conversation, “Have you ever heard owls mate?
“No, can’t say that I have.”

Capsule of Laughter says, “They are so loud they scream and screech and one night I called my mom because I was so scared. I thought someone was being murdered in my woods. My mom assured me that it was the sound of owls mating.”
I shared that we occasionally had heard an owl hooting at night, but never anything that sounded homicidal.

That very night . . .
barn_owl_ap_3_470x357The very night that I crawled into bed with freshly painted nails and coiffed hair, windows open, we were awakened out of a sound sleep by the high-pitched, cat-fighting, two voices intertwined, screech of OWLS MATING!  Now BF and I have witnessed lions mating in the Serengeti, but have never heard such a ruckus. Unbelievable. Tantamount to owl porn.

Armed with my new knowledge, I sleepily said to BF “It’s owls mating.” He had to be wondering how I knew that.

I said “I guess that’s the sound of a happy owl.”

No, he said, “I think it’s the sound of two happy owls.”

Oh, what we learn at the beauty shop!

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  1. Love your writing

  2. You are great!!


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Debi Dixon

Debi Dixon

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