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Thoughts on Thinking
April 23, 2022

I keep running square into the idea that our thoughts create our reality. I heard one of my gurus talking about it on her podcast, and then the notion wormed its way into my Instagram feed, and then into a conversation. I had to stop and consider.

Taken literally, this can be a little scary. My thoughts are not always positive. Sometimes they’re not even nice, and I do not want them to create. Obviously, there is not a 1:1 direct correlation of each of our thoughts into exact reality. We’d all be dead. But still, it’s not a stretch to say our thoughts create our reality.  

Our Endless Wake of Thought

Our Minds Are Busy

Experts say we have between 60 and 70 thousand thoughts per day, mostly negative. I’m pretty sure I’m on the high end of the thought count, but I’m shooting for a higher positive average.

Thankfully, in my quest for my best life, I’ve learned some thought interrupt techniques, my favorite being “Cancel. Cancel.” When I, or someone else, says something I prefer not to become real, I’ll say out loud, “Cancel. Cancel.” Sometimes people don’t like this. I’ve learned it’s best to stick to using this technique on my own verbiage. 

The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction, says our thoughts put out energy and we attract like energy. Positive thoughts attract positive outcomes. We know from grade-school science that everything is made of energy, so this makes sense. 

Setting intentions and affirmations are like power thoughts. And then there’s visualization and manifestation, techniques born of thought and used in sports, business, and even by Oprah! 

One of my claimed treasures from my dad’s bookshelf was his copy of The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, originally published in 1952. Dad’s copy was a second printing in 1956. Always intrigued by positive psychology, I remember being fascinated by this book when I read it as a teenager. Born in November of 1956, I wonder if my parents were reading their new book around the time I was conceived and that’s why all this stuff is so fascinating to me. Just a thought.

This I Know for Sure

Our thoughts, compounded by emotion, influence our attitude, which influences our responses and actions, which ultimately affects our daily experience. I’ve been practicing. Actively asking myself each morning about the reality I’d like to create for the day. Trying to remember to positive up my thoughts. 

Do I believe if I could think 100% positive thoughts that nothing bad would ever happen? I’ll never know. Does it help? I think, yes, it does. 

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  1. So insightful, Debi. For me I have been repeating to myself only positive thoughts before I fall asleep and when I wake up: I am kind. I am empathetic. I am grateful. I have Angels who look after me. Etc. And I love the idea of saying “cancel.” Thank you for another idea.

  2. Years ago I heard someone say, “whatever comes out of your mouth is what’s in your heart and mind”. This idea heightened my awareness of what I am exposing myself to, the energy I want to attract and the words I speak. So thank you for triggering a gentle reminder of what I want to put out to the word through your “Thoughts on Thinking”!

  3. Love these insights – going to be *thinking* about this for a while!

  4. Absolutely true !!!!!!!!


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